Smart by Backstage Salon
Area from 75 to 150 m2
3 directions: hair, nails, makeup
Possible locations in residential areas, shopping malls, fitness clubs, etc.
Team of 10-15 people

Contract terms:
Initial contribution - €25,000
Royalty 5% of turnover or a fixed amount - starts when the salon becomes profitable
TM Smart by Backstage - right to use for one salon in your city

Total costs from €150,000

Expected performance:
Profitability - 15-20%
Financial turnover - €20,000-€40,000/month
Payback period - from 24 months

From our end:

  • Consulting on choosing the salon location
  • Developing design project according to Backstage standards
  •  Providing brand book and all Backstage materials
  • Setting up business processes
  • Calculating business model, payback, breakeven point, expected profitability
  • Providing and seting up the website and CRM system
  • Conducting market analysis, providing marketing strategy and planning its implementation
  • Engaging in team building and training, procurement procedures, and fostering partnerships
  • Providing work and service standards
  • Offering a launch team that guides you through the opening and supports you for the next 3 months
  • Providing our support and consulting throughout the collaboration