Relaunch your beauty salon
under the Backstage or Smart by Backstage brand

Contract terms:
Initial contribution - from €25,000
Royalty 5% of turnover or a fixed amount -
TM Backstage or Smart by Backstage - right to use for the salon in your city

Total costs from €80,000

Expected performance:
Achieve profitability of 20-25% within 6-12 months after relaunch
Financial turnover from €25,000/month and more

From our end:
  • Analyzing current state of the salon
  • Developing a design project, a plan for the reconstruction and optimization of the salon according to Backstage standards
  • Providing a brand book and all TM Backstage materials
  • Providing and set up the website and CRM system
  • Restructuring all business processes
  • Optimizing costs for reconstruction and updates
  • Providing an effective business model with clear steps on what to do
  • Developing marketing and PR strategies for the relaunch
  • Training for the staff
  • Providing work and service standards
  • Supporting the implementation of the plan and throughout the collaboration